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Bots - Zeven dagen lang
Wat zullen we drinken?
Bots - Sieben Tage lang
Was wollen wir trinken, sieben Tage lang, was wollen wir trinken, so ein Durst. Was wollen wir trinken, sieben Tage lang, was wollen wir trinken, so ein Durst. Es wird genug für alle sein,
BOTS haxin
First off stop asking for "cheats" this game is awful DO NOT PLAY IT! Yeah so this is a new game from acclaim. I downloaded it, it was fun the first couple games I played but got old very I
Bots Master Intro
The intro to Bots Master, a brilliant cartoon from the 90s
Bots in Tremulous AI controled bots were devolped for tremulous. They arn't hard to kill and they lag the game up alot, but they're fun as hell.
Map download link: Some achievements are demonstrated, some are not. This method works for all achievements. Bot commands:
30 Days of Night + Incredible Change bots: Comicbook Orange
We take a bite out of IDW's 30 Days of Night by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, examine Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris' political mechanics on Ex Machina from WildStorm then roll out with Jeffery B
Bots - Give It All - WINNER for the Acclaim contest
Song by Rise Against for Acclaim's site. And just so everyone knows... this was made during open beta. I've recieved a lot of criticism about how I should've done this and how the bot I'm using is
TF2 bots pwning myself
Added some bots in Team Fortress 2 and since im controlling them pwning myself in the process :) To add bots create a game and turn cheats on, then use the following command and replace team, class
wat zullen we drinken - bots
just music listen and you will see:P
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