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Nursery Rhymes - Alphabet Song
A B C D E F G -
Cute Alphabet Song from
From Leif's That's ME on TV! Personalized Alphabet DVD.
Sesame Street - Fairy Alphabet
Beautiful alphabet vignette from Sesame Street circa the late '70s. Better known as "Madrigal Alphabet", the music is by Donald Byrd and the animation is by Jeff Hale, also known for the Pinball Numbe
ABC song
clip from the children's DVD Tip Tap Top in Playsongs. Educational - learn the ABCs via activities. all original for kids and families
Patrick Stewart Alphabet
From what I've been able to piece together, this was a special feature on the season 5 set. Obviously it's a tribute to Gene Roddenberry.
Patti LaBelle Singing The Alphabet Gospel Style!!
This is a video of Patti LaBelle singing the ABC's Church style on Sesame Street!!! THIS IS AMAZING! The alphabet will never be the same for me EVER again. I think all kids should learn it this way fr
Alphabet Phonics (Childrens' Video)
*Please see my profile for a better updated pronunciation video. People have been pointing out that this video is not good for teaching phonics. I've considered what they've said and agree. I'm going
Alphabet Of Nations - THey Might Be Giants - ABCs
Learn your ABC's or just enjoy the best refresher course imaginable!
Thai Alphabet ( ก เอ๋ย ก ไก่ )
Thai Alphabet ( ก เอ๋ย ก ไก่ )
Don Music writes the Alphabet Song - Classic Sesame Street
Don Music writes the Alphabet Song, with accidental help from Kermit and others. A classic!
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