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the simpsons in 3d
this is not copyright infrigment. This was made by people.
3D Medical Animation of Normal Vaginal Birth (Childbirth)
This 3D medical animation shows a time lapse view of labor and delivery during normal vaginal birth in a simplified form with only the mother's skeletal structures and the baby in the uterus. Also sho
funny 3D film
funny 3D film
3D morphable model face animation
3D morphable model face animation by Volker Blantz
BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype -
See for more information. BumpTop is a fresh and engaging new way to interact with your computer desktop. You can pile and toss documents like on a real desk. BumpTop's stunning
You Suck at Photoshop #8: 3D Layers
MORE: Donnie opens his home to a new friend. 2008 Webby Award Winner Best How-to Series Best Comedy Series - People's Voice Best How-to Series - Peopl
Chinese Painting and Calligraphy in 3D
Very cool, must check it out!
3D Pyramid
Please rate this, and then watch some of the video responses too! Thanks. Hello Hong Kong, thanks for the feature. 3979 dominos used. 2856 in pyramid (31 layers), and 1123 surrounding blue a
Transforming a 2D image into 3D
Researchers of Carnegie Mellon University has managed to teach a computer to recognize and transform 2D images into 3D.
Duke Nukem 3D
Here you can see the third one of the Duke Nukem series released by 3D Realms in 1996 - this time as a 3D first-person shooter! Watch my channel for more about DOSBox!
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