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The Office is Closed
Steve Carell walks off "The Office," shutting down the show...
The Office: Top 10 Cold Opens Part 1
Part 1 of my favorite cold opens from The Office (US). I don't own any of this material.
Bad Day at the office! (COMPILATION VIDEO)
I edited this video together using hilarious clips of people stressing out at work and completely freaking out. The music that I chose to use for this video montage of office meltdowns is quite fitti
The Great Office War Witness the biggest and greatest office confrontation ever!
The Office - Toby Vs. Michael
Why does Michael hate Toby so much?
The Office Best Moments
The best moments from the office.
Terry Tate Office Linebacker
Terry Tate Office Linebacker For more Terry Tate videos check out my videos!
SuperNews! - The (Oval) Office
George W. Bush and Tony Blair star in "The Oval Office," a "Super News" takeoff on the popular show. SUPERNEWS NOMINATED FOR WEBBY AWARD!! SuperNews was nominated in two categories for the 2006 w
Every "That's What She Said" from The Office
This has every single "That's What She Said" clip from all 4 seasons of The Office, except for a deleted scene from Beach Games, but it does have the deleted scene from Initiation. Enjoy. (TWSS)
the office public service announcements (PSA)
Fake public service announcements made by actors from US version of The Office
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