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Buffalo vs entire lion pride
Solitare Buffalo vs entire lion pride. One of the lions ends up dead and killed its routine for buffalos to kill lions.
Christian the Lion- Reunion!
So these two people raised this lion cub who they named Christian, and sadly he got too big for them to take care of so they decided to release him to live as a wild lion. Well, in this footage, a yea
the lion sleeps tonight (animation)
this is so cute... it was the inspiration form our own version of the lion sleeps tonight....
Man VS Lion
Lions vs Elephants
On and of all the battles that exist in the in the natural world none is more titanic than lions versus elephants. Being a social animal the African lion is more than a super predator, it's a hyper p
Christian The Lion
This is a story with love between man and animals ;_; so touching.
Lion Vs Hyena
Lion Vs Hyena
Lion King - Circle of Life
Lion King - Circle of Life Permission from MP3 Rocket
Lion Vs Tiger
A Video of the on going battle between a lions and tigers The Song is My Way - Limp Bizkit Please Remember i did not take part in any of these animal fights and am against All animal fights, on
Lion v Hyena Final
This is a condensed clip of the male lion killing both the Hyenas matriarch's in one clan. The End
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