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Xiaolin Showdown Idol
VOTING IS CLOSED! American Idol-Xiaolin Showdown style. I put as many characters as I could. Vote your favourite, more informations and the songs are found in the credits at the end. If enough peop
Xiaolin Showdown - The End
Well, I have no school I figured that I'd finish this up! This one actually has a meaning to it! It dedicated to the two 'ends' of XS (the two cliffhangers). The first half is when Raimundo
Xiaolin Showdown - That's Your Horoscope
This broke two of my most unbeatable records to daye: Most challenging after Chase Vs Hannibal, and most successful since the Yu-Gi-Oh/XS openings. This is the final request from Polaricegirl, and i s
Xiaolin Showdown~girls tribute~London bridge
I wanted to make a vid with this song
Xiaolin Showdown:Nightwish
so far it's a favorite of mine, and i didn't even put the clips together for this song, just tweaked an old video and added a few things. I dunno, tell me what you think
Xiaolin Showdown are Cartoon Heros
A XS picture montage. SONG: Cartoon Heros ARTIST: Aqua What do you think?
Xiaolin Showdown Numa Numa
I finally got a hold of some clips!!! aND YES, I'm obsessed with the Numa Numa... XD Um..yeah, enjoy a actual vid of mine without screencaps... Xiaolin Showdown (c) Christy Hui Numa Numa (c) Ozone
Xiaolin Showdown Kidz In America
To tell the truth this video sucks! But Pinkiceprincess requested it so here it is. PS I know China is not in America!!
Xiaolin Showdown - Time after Time
Quite proud of this, my first AMV, don't I ROCK?? XD Uh, yea... Anywhoo, I'm open for contructive critisism, I'm new to this, so any tips would be much appreciated.=D Episode(s) Used: Parts 1&a
Xiaolin Showdown Tribute
Video about Xiaolin Showdown Music: We Will Rock You - Queen
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