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How To Hack Into A Soda Machine
Very Simple. In This Video I explain it step by step how to get 2 soda's for the price of one and I'll show you and example on how to do it. For Educational purposes only.
Try it Yourself: Episode 3 - Easily HACK a combination LOCK
High Quality Version: DON'T BOTHER ASKING OR TELLING ME HOW I SAY ALUMINUM... It's how Australian's pronounce it and I'm Australian, gosh haha! This is my
how to hack a password on windows xp
how to hack a password on windows xp, sorry but u do need administrative privledges to do this i was mistaken when i made the video
How To Hack An Elevator
A very easy way to hack elevators so they dont stop for anyone that calls it.
Laser Flashlight Hack!
Turn a MiniMag flashlight into a burning laser pointer!! CAUTION!! Lasers can be dangerous! Do not point them at any living thing! A link with detailed instructions on my website!
How to hack mobile phones with Bluetooth [link included]
-All is explained here in the description- This is a tuturial how to hack the most mobile phones with Bluetooth with your Sony Ericsson or Nokia phone. You need a program called "Super Bluetooth H
YOUTUBE HACK: How to watch ANY VIDEO in HD on YouTube!
WHERE TO USE THIS CODE: Most videos DO NOT have "View in Higher Quality" links below them like this video does. So by using this code, you'll be able to watch ANYTHING in higher quality! TRY IT! :
Hack Your Brain
Learn how to make a brain machine that you can put on and change your brain waves!
Pokemon Wall Hack
just messin around with pokemon
How to Hack Any Garage Door
Version with more info on our website! Update: We know this is cause for much concern. Please note we have left some aspects out of the video for the protection of th
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