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Kunoichi Idol! Duets! part 1
ok, I had 2 do this in parts so don't even! and, near the end it spazzed so u might wanna get ready 2 pause it so you can read the last couple of things. I'll get part 2 up by Friday.
SandStorm Kunoichi ~ Episode 1
This is my first and last episode I was bored so I decided to do this... If u want more... Let me know DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto or the songs...
Sakura and Temari's last resort
This is a tribute to Sakura Haruno and Temari of the Desert. It's a request from sakuraharuno05. I worked hard on this but let me tell you now, it's not one of my best. I got pretty lazy towards the e
Kunoichi Power! (Carameldansen Speedycake Remix)
BLue star Productions in go YAAY!!! OK well, i got a short ver. on limewire so sorry. My favorite pic is the last one.
Fergilicious [[Konoha Kunoichi]] [Slideshow]
My 7th and last Slide. Finally! Something not all SasuSaku! Created with my new Movie Maker that came with my new computer. I love Windows Vista... This is Version 1. I'm working on V.2. Differenc
Chemical X(Kunoichi tribute)
HI!!!! i'm marianaravenbloom This is an old vid that I made last year XD Some people stole my work, they are RATS!!!!jajaja XD This video it's about Sakura, Ino and Hinata, i don't like the first
Kunoichi Tribute Part 6: Tsunade
I finally decide to put the last part of the Kunoichi Tributes up! I've been so lazy about this one. Ah well.
Samurai Warriors Couple - Everytime We Touch (slow)-
Song : Everytime we touch (slow) Clips from Samurai Warriors 1 & 2 Main Couples : Nagamasa x Oichi Nobunaga x Nouhime Minor Couples : Sakon x Ina, Nene x Hideyoshi Yukimura x Kunoic
Yondaime Gaiden1: Messenger [Doujinshi] part2
Well, just like I promised... here's the other part of the Yondaime Gaiden ^^ I love Minato-kun and kunoichi-san made a great job on this one *Drools* Don't be hasty Naruto fans, I'll upload the ot
Dynasty & Samurai Warriors Couples - My Heart Will Go On
A mix between Samurai Warriors 1 & 2, Dynasty Warriors 5, Musou Orochi, a bit Kessen 3 & DW 4 Song: My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion) Pairings : Oichi x Nagamasa Xiao Qiao x Zhou Yu
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