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time displacement experimental video
X-23B Nasa Experimental Craft
A fleet of lifting bodies flown at the NASA Flight Research Center, Edwards, California, from 1963 to 1975 demonstrated the ability of pilots to maneuver (in the atmosphere) and safely land a wingless
Detours - An Experimental Dance Collaboration - Parallels
"The Parallel Scene" from Detours created by Midus. There's an interview with him I crammed at the end of the vid, barely under the 10-minute Youtube limit :) song is Dobie - "B-Boy Anthem Part 2"
A fun beat from outer space (an experimental improv jam)
Preview my CD: This beat is in the very early stages. As a matter of fact, there are only two chords being played in the background. But it's fun to jam out
X13 Experimental Aircraft of 50's
X13 was a very special experimental aircraft project.
Avid Experimental Aircraft
Let's go for a ride in some Avid Flyers. I shot and produced this for my client, Avid Aircraft of Caldwell, Idaho. 100% of the aerial video I shot from an Avid, all handheld. The ground scenes were sh
russian experimental tanks
some interesting experimental military projects of USSR
Scrubs: J.D.'s Experimental Film
Scrubs clips to 'Experimental Film' by They Might Be Giants
Star Wars in Iraq -Experimental WeaponsPt1
Experimental weapons being used by U.S. Military,lazers,microwave technology in Iraq.(Part One)
2005 Experimental Video: 'Ghana is not African'
In the piece 'Ghana is not African' the listener is subjected to an ongoing downpour of steel string rain punctuated by random door bell-like melodies via an electrical guitar. Meanwhile, the visuals
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