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American Dragon Jake Long: Hong Kong Longs part 1
American Dragon Jake Long: Hong Kong Longs part 1
American Dragon: Jake Long [Sanctuary]
I had the idea in my head that I thought Kingdom Hearts and American Dragon: Jake Long would go together nicely. I know I'll probably get comments like: SOMEONE ALREADY DID THIS. Well, when I go
American Dragon Jake Long - Testify
i'm back in da game!!!!! american dragon:jake long,song by rage against the machine,enjoy!!! DISCLAMER...i don't own rage against the machine,RATM's record label,ad:jl,disney,and/or their offilates.
"Why Save Jake Long?" - Review of American Dragon Jake Long
READ FIRST- This vid is a review about American Dragon Jake Long. Why this show should be saved? What do I think about it? This video contains my personal opinion about the show. It must be saved... I
American Dragon Jake Long - Skillet 'Rebirthing'
This is an (un)offical video for the whole ADJL series...Made by me. :P I've been doing this for... 3 days (not counting the hours!). I mixed the original Skillet's video with tons of clips from A
American Dragon Jake Long [Emigrate - My World]
READ FIRST : I know it was a long time ago since my previous video , but I'm very busy right now with school sh*t... *sigh* For now I managed to make a new one. Tell me did I lost my touch or not. Enj
American Dragon Jake long- Happy Happy Joy Joy
An ADJL version! SUNG BY SPUD AND JAKE!!!! XDDD for those who like my spoofs, I am takeing ideas, please PM them to me if you got one.
American Dragon: Jake Long- It Ends Tonight
100,000 views? Jeez. Ok, you guys know this is one of my worst AMV's right? Can you please check out my Faint video instead? Its just kinda annoying that so
American Dragon Jake Long [HIM - Join Me in Death]
READ FIRST - I wasn't making AMVs for some time. The next one's gonna be soon enough. For now this video features old clips from Homecoming , Breakout , Love Cruise and other... That's why I'm not qu
American Dragon:Jake Long-Magic Enemy part 1
American Dragon: Jake Long - Magic Enemy part1. Watch my channel now!
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