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Anna Bot
Anna Bot Music Video
Bot Fly
In Panama, this guy was bit my a mosquito that was host to Bot Fly eggs which eventually hatched under his skin.
removing the bot fly larva
removing the bot fly maggot
bristle bot
a toothbrush robot i made (i did not make the video)
Beware the Bum Bot
An Atlanta bar owner has created his own security robot to patrol the streets outside his Irish pub. Equipped with a water cannon, megaphone and video camera, the Bub Bot is proving to be a success.
SSSTV : 03/05/2008 - The Bum Bot
We play "Spray Steve" with the homeless-repelling robot. Visit O'Terrill's for a delightfully Irish time.
ラグナロクオンライン Memories of BOT
2006年6月から約一年間のBOTのSS集です。現在はGMの巡回によりBOTの数は減っていますが、いつまたこのようなひどい状況になるかわからないんで 忘�
Anna le Bot
Le tub de l'été
Bot fly removal prep
injecting tobacco juice in order to kill the bot larva - Central America
Farm Bot Hax!
World of Warcraft (on Dalaran). I was on my usual grinding fest for Elemental Earth (Greater Nature Protection Pots) and I came upon an odd acting fellow. It appeared to be a bot, so I decided to have
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