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Anaconda Birth
Unlike the majority of snake species, anacondas give birth to live babies - sometimes 40 at a time! See All National Geographic Videos
Anaconda vs. Mammal
When you're an anaconda you don't need venom to take down your prey, even if its the world's largest rodent, a capybara, weighing somewhere in the neighboorhood of one hundred pounds! See all Nationa
Anaconda Regurgitates A Hippo
This huge snake regurgitates an entire hippopotamus.
Trailer Movie "Anaconda"
Anaconda Movie Trailer
Survival Guide: Anaconda Bite
How do you survive an anaconda bite? Survival Guide Videos:
Jaguar vs Anaconda..
Jaguar vs Anaconda. Jaguar kills the anaconda..
Giant Anaconda
25' anaconda. Somewhere in the jungle. Near Rurrenabaque, Bolivia. 2001
The Green Anaconda Song
Directed by Bernard Derriman Animated by Andrew Collins, Lily Dell and Ian Harrowell. From the upcoming series, Big Green Rabbi
Anaconda snake bites policemans arm
A giant anaconda snake bites a policeman's arm in Brazil
Anaconda attacks dog
Giant anaconda attacks dog
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