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Javelin training
Tribute to JAV Idols that starts their name with A
Music is from Namie Amuro - Darling Did you find your favorite actress? Look closely :) Tell me your favorite actress so I can make a tribute to her. Write the time in the clip with the actress'
jav jav rock
ポ○キッキの歌の中での最高傑作。 入手した映像では間奏のところで終わってしまうので、mp3を合成して最後まで流してみました。
Isoyama Sayaka - Jav Idol
DOB: 1987.7.3 163cm B/94 W/61 H/88
Air Greenland SFJ - JAV
Air Greenland flight from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat Dash-7
Amir Rexhepi - 7 dit ne jav te kerkova (Album - 2008)
Amir (Kumnova)7 dit ne jav te kerkova. ju argeton per disponimin tuaj.....
Sviesa JAV
Jav Jarquin stand up snippets
Javier Jarquin performing some stand up at the Ngaio Marsh Theatre in Christchurch. August 2008
Juozas Olekas; "JAV demokratai taip pat už valstybės rūpestį žmonėmis"
Juozo Oleko, LSDP pirmininko pavaduotojo, pasisakymo ištrauka. 2008-08-29, LSDP Tarybos posėdis
me throwing jav last year (2006)
first videos are during the keystone games...last throw 210' 7" then it jumps back to the District 11 championship best throw 198' 1"
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