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Nintendo Wii Controlled Smarthome
This is my Nintendo Wii Controlled Smart Home. Using the Wii-Mote and my Nintendo Wii, I have an onscreen Flash User Interface that lets me control the following aspects of my home: Lights, Thermostat
Top Gear: Radio Controlled Cars If you thought radio controlled cars were small and came from a toy store, you'd be wrong. The team play with man-sized versions!
World Trade Center -- Controlled Demolition
Don't believe the "official" conspiracy theory. Go where the evidence takes you.
The CFR Controlled Media Cabal [3/3]
_Expand for Parts 1, 2 and 3_ Part 3: Ever wonder why the corporate media simply refuses to cover certain stories or why they often omit or cherry pick through an important event? _______________
ReOpen 911 - Jeff King - controlled demolition Jeff King MIT Engineer and Research Scientist reports about the 911 tragedy and the many doubtful explanations provided by mainstream media about how the twin towers disa
Amazing R/C airplane demo
Precision flight of a radio-controlled airplane, indoors.
Why is the controlled media so scared of RON PAUL?
Please watch the entire video to see why Ron Paul is the man for America. He is the only candidate who speaks the truth and votes with the Constitution! He is the ONLY candidate with a 20+ year STELLA
Radio controlled F-14 in Korea
Radio controll F-14 in Korea
Radio Controlled Carrier Landing
Su 27 landing on a "full-scale" model of the aircraft carrier enterprise. ;) Model: "Ikarus Su-27"
David Icke- How We're Controlled (Pt 1of 2)
Part 1. Excerpt from David Icke's Lecture "Turning of the Tide" 1996. He also talks about problem-reaction-solution. Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being
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