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# やさしい気持ち - CHARA
"Gentle feelings" CHARA 14th single 1997/4/23 released 資生堂"ティセラJ"CMソング Charaソロ名義では唯一のトップ10入り、最高7位。同時に売上も自己最高。
CHARA タイムマシーン
Shugo Chara! Episode 1 [1/3]
'The Birth Of Guardian Chara!' Subbed by Formula, enjoy ^^ Not mine, just found it, don't delete Part two:
Chara with Yen town band - My way
A scence came from the movie 'Swallowtail butterfly'
Zdeno Chara vs. Georges Laraque
Zdeno Chara vs. Georges Laraque from the Boston Bruins vs. Pittsburg Penguins on 12/20/07. Included delay of game call.
Shugo Chara opening theme
The new anime premiuming tomorrow. This is the opening theme clip (which I think it is cute and reminds me of Fushigi Yuugi and lucky star combined). Enjoy
Shugo Chara episode 62 1/3
shugo chara
Minna Daisuki - Shugo Chara Opening 2 - Full Version
THANKS! 80,000 HITS! Song: Minna Daisuki : I Love Everyone Artist: Buono! ★HQ/STEREO: ★DOWNLOAD SONG:
Shugo Chara Trailer
[WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS] This is a fan made trailer. I made to cure my Shugo Chara addiction. And to prove that this anime is not just "cute" The video is really focusing on everyone's favo
# 大切をきずくもの - CHARA
"Thing to build importance" CHARA 24th single 2000/10/12 released
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