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Melbourne Shuffle basics
I go through the very basic steps of the melbourne shuffle. I broke it down as well as I know how. Hope you find it usefull. And I hope you think I'm UberCool :P
kick basics
This is a video of the basic kicks for the melbourne shuffle and running man
Curves :: Photoshop Tutorial Learn the Basics of Curves!
Learn the basics of Curves in no time! Check out for more tutorials!
PHP Tutorial: Installation and The Basics
To get php and apache installed use xampp. xampp is free and contains php / apache (around 33mb) 1. Download and Install XAMPP from here: 2. on win
The Shapeshifters - Back To Basics
Music video for "The Shapeshifters - Back To Basics"
Loom Knitting Basics
Basics of loom knitting: knit stitch, purl stitch, twisted knit stitch, and basic bind off.
PHP Tutorial #1 - Covering the basics
This PHP tutorial covers the echo, the if...else statement and integer variables. A more in depth written tutorial shall be available on my website soon.
How to Knit - The Basics
This video will show you the basics of knitting. Follow along and see how easy it is to actually do! Anyone can learn to knit and it's a great craft to know if you want to give handmade gifts! A simp
Running Man Basics
Recorded this months ago with Miki and Misha; at the same time as the melbourne shuffle. I was lasy for ages, but here it is finaly, all edited and whatever. It's shorted than the shuffle because ther
Masking in Adobe Illustrator! Basics Tutorial
View this video at a higher quality here: Learn all about masking and create two effects in this tutorial
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