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Naruto shippudden: sakura and chiyo-baasama VS sasori
Naruto shippudden ep used 20-26 song: fallen leaves artist: billy tallent OBS! spoiler warning
Chiyo-baasama vs Orochimaru and Sai
An Chiyo-baasama alpha preview of the game "NTSD_beta 2.0", made by Zxcv.
Chiyo-Baasama-How to Fight Sharingan users
Elder Chiyo explains how best to battle the Sharingan,An example is shown with Chibis!
NTSD Chiyo-baasama preview
A little preview of chiyo-baasamas "life transfer"-jutsu
Naruto (Chiyo Baasama e Sakura VS Sasori)
Sakura e Chiyo Baasama lutam com tudo contra Sasori que e neto de Chiyo Baasama.
Farewell Gaara
this is about gaara's pain. his sorrows. his sadness. he has been a good person for his country. but his country doesn't seem to realize it. except for his sibs, naruto and the "others". imagine. h
naruto avec chiyo-baasama qui ramen a la vie gaara
Naruto vs Hitachi e Gai vs Kisame
La battaglia di Naruto, Sakura, Chijo-baasama e Kakashi contro Hitachi e Gai, Rock lee, Ten Ten e Neji contro Kisame. Musica In the end
as i promised.. here you have the next part of the manga 179 i posted a week ago.. i hope you like and keep watching this and the other video..
Sakura Haruno: REvolution
This is a video of Sakura Haruno that i have made, showing her change...Since the day that she was with Tsunade asking for her help to train and be a realiable Kunoichi Sensei. It has some parts in gr
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