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Azula - Daughter of Fire
One year ago, I came across an Avatar fan video on youtube. It was a curious little project, barely a minute and a half long, for the Fire Nation's leading lady. I remember how the music sent chills d
Zuko vs Azula - (lip-syncing practice)
Iroh pwns all!!! Avatar: the last airbender belongs to Mike, Bryan and Viacom
The women of avatar: Azula
Holapues aqui esta la parte del especial the women of avatar esta ves le toca a azula xD!! fisfrutenlo xD!
Zuko/Azula Commercial
Zuko/Azula Commercial, better quality.
Ursa and Azula- Adia
This is a tribute to Ursa and Azula. I am a fan of both characters and they went through a lot. I feel sorry for Azula because she always thought her mother never loved her but she was wrong. BTW thi
Kakashi vs Azula
A video about a fight between Kakashi (Naruto) and Azula (Avatar)
Azula Destructive
A video about Azula from Avatar the last airbender book 2 and 3...the song is Destructive by Leanne is so hard to find any good clips of azula so hope you enjoy... i do not own anything pu
Azula- Whisper
This is a video about Azula slowly going nuts with fear.... kay well I made this because I am still totally annoyed of what Mike and Bryan did with shipping, not bringing back Ursa, and not telling us
Zuko VS Azula
That is the way siblings solve their problems
Disturbia - Azula
This is definately my best video so far, and is proof that you can make totally awsome stuff with just moive maker that's close to sony vegas quality. So the song is disturbia by Rihanna, and it's abo
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