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Aneki, My Sweet Elder Sister Part 1
Enjoy dont flag please
анекдот от друга
Chempionat chast N1
Aneki Seven mary three
vote for which one stays or goes
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Buddhism is NOT stupid and evil.
The actual Four Noble Truths: Bhutan is the 8th Happiest Country in the World despite being poor!: htt
Prelude to A Villain's Lullaby
A tribute to the coolest "villains" of Kannazuki, YGO, and FMA! Why? Because villains OWN as much as -if not more than-the heroes do. The one thing I regret is NOT putting Tsubasa-sama in there. There
WoW_Kanashimi wo yasashisa ni (A tribute to my freinds)
All my freinds on WoW!!!!! I got the song from the opening of naruto season 3 or 4.. dunno. Spec thanks to sed peoplez!: (BE's) Georgiex (again) Lally (hunter with springpaw) Heavenly (Small BE an
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