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I know the ending sucked, but that's where the tune ended. I did beat Ryu though. Fights: Kenshin vs Inuyasha Kenshin vs Evil Ryu Music used: Dragon God-Chrono Cross
Winmugen More Slots (No New Screen Packs Needed!)
MAY NOT WORK WITH THE 10 SLOTS VERSION! More slots in your Winmugen without having to download another screen pack with even more slots. Once you've done the process u obviously restart your mugen
how to add more character slots to no limit winmugen patch
InfinityCat (WinMugen clone) on PSP
Video doesnt go real speed, ingame (depends on char) it usually go 30 FPS but theres no way to record fullspeed via USB There's no sound (the release is oooooold but its unique) so i decide to use
My Ultra WinMugen Roster!!!!
Best roster i've made! Feel free to request chars and stages! This one even has music in the background. Oh and nosey94 don't be convinced that "Lockjaw Rayman" is the actual lockjaw form of him. I ju
how to get characters into your winmugen game
hello this is my first movie/tutorial i hope it will help you :D special thanks judgespear for making JShomer MugenLord for inspiring me to make a mugen tutorial mayalso be adding music video
WinMugen cualquiera
Somos mi hermano y yo mirando una pelea en winmugen (sasuke e ichigo) vs. (naruto e ichigo) perdon por lo de la camara no sabia que iba a subir el video xP
WinMugen: Ryu+ & NxC Morrigan vs. Wolverine 7113
So I decided: If I can't land a punch of Wolverine, maybe some of the CPU characters can; I have plenty of characters that rank in cheapness up to Wolverine 71113's level, so I decided a two-on-one ma
winmugen ultimate gogeta vs kakarot ssj8
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