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Clouds WTF Video Game Adventure Episode 1 Mario...?
cloud just wanted to play super mario bros but NOOOOO this is what happens to your brain after you get out of a mental institute lmao look at the honors #21 - Most Discussed (Today) #7 - Most D
WTF Dream Land
Have you had a lot of mini dreams into one that didn't make any sense? Well this video doesn't make any sense.
WTF Pancake Commercial
WTF?!: Episode 12 - Soulja Boy
Max addresses the issue of god awful music after seeing a music video of Soulja Boy, another talentless wonder that is making millions.
wTF. . . .
My great movie.
I just HAD to make this, I HAD to... Music for video is the "Benny Hill Theme", and for the credits, "Your Horoscope for Today", by Weird Al. This one took a good deal more work than my other vi
YourTube WTF Factor - Episode 3
Welcome to YourTube WTF Factor with TheWineKone. A segment where we take a comedic look at the stranger videos you can find on YouTube. Hope you enjoy the segment, let us know if you have any weird
wtf!! The legend of JASRAC【すごいぜ!JASRAC伝説】
JASRAC is the largest musical copyright administration society in Japan. But....are they a real copyright administration society?
WTF, McCain? Deliver bottled hot water to dehydrated babies?
Anybody know WTF is John Bush McCain talking about?
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