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Top5Anime Presents: The AnimEmmy's ©
The increasingly popular Top5Anime will be hosting an anime award show where anime fans will vote for their favorite nominees in each category. This is one of six trailers they will be releasing.
Steel angel theme by top5anime
i did not upload this i got full permisson from the original uploader top5anime and i do not own this video neither does top5anime but adv fimls does enjoy rate me high
AnimEmmys Trailer 4 by top5anime
i did not make this top5anime he only wanted me to upload it so dont kick me out youte and top5anime and i do not ow the clips
The 2007 AnimEmmy's: Best Anime Of 2007
PLEASE READ: Here is the next category, the best animes of 2007. The animes included in this video had to have STARTED in 2007 in order to be considered a nominee. The following are the most noted ani
The Extreme Top 10 Funniest Anime Part 1
Numbers 5 - 10 Here is the top ten funniest anime based on the amount of votes the nominee's received on a poll of 100 anime fans on youtube. I just would like everyone to remember that out of 10
The Extreme Top 10 Funniest Animes Part 2
Honors: #28 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation - Japanese #37 - Most Discussed (Today) - Japanese #15 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation - Japanese #33 - Top Favorites (T
The 2007 AnimEmmy's: Anime Dance Off Minicontest
Here's a small little poll that will be added to the AnimEmmy's and will hopefully end the age old question, Which Anime has a better dance sequnce, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya or Lucky Star?
The 2007 AnimEmmy's: Best Psychological Fiction
Please try to make sure you didn't already vote because it is only going to make this entire process slower. Here is the catigory for Best Psychological Fiction Anime in the AnimEmmy's. We are pro
Last Call For Nominations: The 2007 AnimEmmys© Nominations
This is the last call for nominations! We will be hosting the 2007 AnimEmmys, much like the regular Emmys, there are a bunch of catigories (all anime related) and you the viewer will vote to see wh
AnimEmmy's Trailers Compilation
Here is a compilation of all six of the AnimEmmy trailers including the never-before-seen second trailer. We will be posting the final voting video sometime within the next two weeks. Enjoy!
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