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You love TenTen but you don't know who she is...
This is a slideshow dedicated to TenTen. She rocks! Please no flames if I do poorly I would interprate that from not getting comments. I do not own any part of Naruto. Anime: Naruto Song: Let Me G
TenTen Dance
Made this awhile back, was my first AMV to be made. it isnt all that great but its fun. enjoy my TenTen tribute amv, the song is Particle by Master Zap. There might be another title so i'll look for t
Tenten [B4U]
tenten tributes are just so fun ^^ so i made one with my favorite DDR song EVER. it's called B4U and it's the full version so it's about 5 minutes long o_O i decided not to add credits ^^ hope you lik
Tenten + Shino
Tenten in love with Shino. This is for you sandgoddess
Neji x Tenten: Everything you want
Another Nejitenten video from me so I hope you enjoy it.'s another tribute... Song is "Everything you want," by Vertical Horizon. I hope you like it *grin* Also I love *tricks* XD No se
Naruto x Tenten [Your Love]
Another re-upload from my old account that was also part of my project. xD I made "Josie" Sasuke! Ahem. Comment, despite the fact that it's a re-upload, and you shall make me happy. :3
tenten is so cool so i made an amv
Eveytime we Touch(Neji x TenTen)
for Umi Mizuno Okay I know at the start it looks like LeexTenTen, sorry my bad. but try to cope plz?
ermm my 3rd amv watch it!!!! tenten and neji
Temari vs Tenten
the battle vs tenten and temari in naruto la bataille temari vs tenten
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