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TemaShika SasuSaku Hey Baby
Hope yall like it
Why Can't I? ~ A TemaShika AMV
i thought this song really went with this pairing ^^ i love the song and i love the pairing so please no flaming of the couple!!! well i hope you guys enjoy this, please rate and comment ^^ Disclaime
Can you feel the love tonight TemaShika
A Temari and Shikamaru video. I think they belong together Purely Fan Made Disclaimer: Naruto: Masashi Kishimoto Song: Can you feel the love tonight (c) Elton John Pictures from Deviant Art
temashika love
please watch i worked hard so please rate and comment!!!!!!11
TemaShika and NaruHina
Arigato to all the artists that drew the pics. I.. honsetly couldnt think of a song.. so I just did Brand New World- Inuyasha and Haraku Kanata- Naruto.
Shikamaru has a CrushCrushCrush on Temari My 50th Video-raises up glass of bubbly apple cider-Thank you for all my subscribers,friends,vieweres,commentors,I love you all,this is my gift to you!
♥Sk8er boi-ShikaIno-Anti TemaShika(Read description)♥
~Edit 2~ I re-made this slide show! Not with Sony Vegas though. Please Watch it! ------- ~EDIT~ ___________ I'm gunna be re-making this slide-show! I'm
TemaShika Shikamaru's Next Contestant
So yeah.. ^^ Just watch it. Contestants: Dosu,Tenten,Random Sound ninjas, and... yes.. u.u Asuma..
TemaShika: I Need You To Love Me
A TemaShika slideshow! Its so cute i love it!!! if yiou don't like it, don't flame! enjoy and comment! THIS IS IN NO WAY ASSOSIATED WITH THE ARTISTS OR SHOW IN ANYWAY!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day urizen011 I love u!!
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