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A Darkness Let's Play: Sonic Jam 6 Ep. 6
Yeah, I was kind of pissed...
A Darkness Let's Play: Sonic Jam 6 Ep. 5
We're almost done.
Dark Super Sonic
Sonic The Hedgehog is forced to watch his friends get tortured. With this new rage, he transforms into Dark Super Sonic, the Evil Super form dwelling inside of him. Note: If anyone wants to use thi
History of SONIC
Official video from Sonic Channel commemorating the 15th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog (C)SEGA
Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Trailer
Mario, Sonic and friends limber up for their Olympic events. New Characters Revealed too. TSF Honors Received Sep 17th #83 - Top Rated (Today) - Ga
Sonic the Hedgehog - FINAL STORY PART 1
From Thanks to Sazpaimon and Sonic-Cult for all the cutscenes!
Sonic el Erizo
Oh, Sonic (Oh, Sonic), lucha contra el Doctor Robotnik (Robotnik) y contra su escuadrón. Oh Sonic (Oh, Sonic), un día llegará en que tu planeta liberado será.
Top 10 Best Sonic Games
Due to many people messaging me about ScrewAttack's Best and Worst Sonic games (which I knew about just as it was released). I decided to do my own Top 10 for this. Here's my list for the Top Ten
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Genesis in 19:55
Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in 19:55 by JSP (aka. Nitsuja). Tool Assisted - these games are played using a emulator at super slow speeds and save states. The goal is to provide entertainment by sh
Sonic Boom
Join us as we look into the fascinating topic of supersonic travel and we examine the amazing phenomenon of sonic booms! Don't forget to visit Lightning video court
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