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She's in Love With the Boy ShikaTema
YES, I KNOW YASHAMARU IS A MAN! (just to make that clear. However HE LOOKS LIKE A WOMAN so that is why I used him as one for the purpose of this video!) Now that that's out of my system... Yes
Shikamaru x Temari [Miracle]
WOO! My first official AMV! And it's ShikaTema. My next one will prolly be Sand Siblings...ShikaTema, GaaSaku, KankTen. Anyways, enjoy...I don't like it that much, actually, but I guess I'm just an am
ShikaTema- Everytime We Touch
OMG, surprise, I'm actually proud of this one. Spent a few days working on it, though that might've also been because my Windows Movie Maker kept freezing on me. It also skips, so the flashes might be
shikatema accidently in love
a video of shikamaru and temary from naruto whit the son accidently in love
Bumble Bee *ShikaTema*
Well, this didn't take me as long as I thought. It was only extended to a day because my limewire wouldn't open so I couldn't get the next episode I wanted. Anyways, I made this for myself, I LOVE
ShikaTema vs ShikaIno-Girlfriend
Yahhoo! Finally I've uploaded this video! I really don't think it's all that great considering I don't have very many episodes with TemaShika..sooo......well that's your job to decide whether it's go
Shikatema - Breathe
Hi!!! this is my 5th tribute to shikatema!! I love yhis song *.* And I love the paring ^^ I hope you like it! This is dedicated to my 2 best friends in youtube: cutefrancy92 and c18thebest!! X fra
ShikaTema: Hey Temari [Hey Juliet]
To watch in higher quality: EDIT EDIT EDIT [Dec/3/07]: ... 406 faves ;_; I LOVE YOU ALL! EDIT EDIT: ... Make that 204 faves O_O; EDIT: OM
You Are The Music In Me ShikaTema~♫
i haven't done any naruto related vids lately, so here it is.this is my fav song in high school musical 2 along with"gotta go my own way" so i thought i used on shikatema.
stacy's mom- shika-temari-ino
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