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LinuxBIOS with X Server Inside
This is LinuxBIOS with X Server (Kdrive, formely TinyX) inside a 2MB BIOS flash memory. This movie in better resolution can be download at
Extreme Makeover: Server Room Edition
A funny spoof of the TV show "Extreme Makeover" created by Microsoft. Check it out as Phil gets a full "Server Room Makeover!"
How to make a WoW Private Server 2.4.1
I know a lot of people want to know how to make their own private server so I am going to show you how to make one with the latest Blizzard patch. Just download the files you see here and follow the i
Lineage 2 C4 Execution Server
Video con escenas del Server Execution , para Lineage 2 Cronica 4. by moth.
Quake 3 PocketPC Server
Quake 3 on a PocketPC (Windows Mobile 2003 SE) running as a server game. HW: Acer N50 Premium (Intel Xscale 520 mhz, 128 ram), Game via wifi with 128 bit encription WEP. Also shows Quake3 with bili
DNS Windows 2003 Server
Configurando Domain Name Prefix. Instalando DNS Service. Configurando Forward/Reverse Lookup. Configuracao e Verificacao das configuracoes TCP/IP. Domain Naming Prefix: Is the default domain nam
高橋敏也の動く!改造バカ一台 Microsoft 「Windows Home Server」  【impressTV】
高橋敏也が、世界一おバカなPCを作る番組。第260話は、Microsoft Windows Home Server。『我が家のアドミニストレーター作戦』で、お父さんは復権できるの�
WoW Private Server setup Video tutorial
MaNGOS link : The one and only Video tutorial of a WoW TBC Server setup. The first actions are: -Go to start, then cl
SQL Server 2005 Video Tutorial - 1 - Installing presents SQL Server 2005 Video Tutorial Series. In this first 10-minute video, you will learn how to install SQL Server 2005 Express and the SQL Server Management Studio.
How to make a WoW private server for 2.1.3...noobedition
NEW VID!: Download( from one of these) mirror 1: mirror 2(torrent):
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