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Airport Security - The Chaser
Check out Mr Terrorist and Mr Al Qaeda boarding an Australian Virgin plane. And the problem is meant to be with our breast milk and carry on luggage? Fight the NWO! Source: The Cha
Ghost caught on security tape at gas station
Parma ,Ohio 11-11-2007 People looking to fill up their gas tanks in Parma Ohio got an eyeful, but no one's exactly sure what they were looking at. The blue ghostly presence was visible to the nake
Scientology Security Guys
YT user rgdfilms made this video. Not me. So Tom Cruise... stop harassing me and jumping on my couch. Description: rgdfilms videotapes a Scientologist building from across the street. Some w
PUFFY - Security Blanket
Security Blanket
Social Security (Ecolanguage)
More Ecolanguage: click "leearnold" right above. -- This one is an overview of the U.S. Social Security debate.
George Carlin Airport Security
George Carlin's "Airport Security" skit...HILARIOUS!! Given to me by Tyler...
Chaser - APEC Security
Chaser's War on Everything - APEC Security Sketch Chaser breaching APEC security with fake Canadian motorcade
MIKE VALLELY - "Mike V Vs Security Guard" (2008)
Mike V joined by Mike Escamilla recently raided the West Orange Pavillon Mall for a skate session. Mike V actually skated inside the mall before being chased out by security. Outside the mall they wer
Object Capabilities for Security
Google Tech Talks November, 30 2007 ABSTRACT Existing systems often do a poor job of meeting the principle of least privilege. I will discuss how object capability systems and language-based methods
Ted Nugent on Border Security
Ted Nugent talks about Border Security on Fox News with Neil Cavuto.
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