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*SasuHina* "My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend"
Requested by xXChinoumiXx I'm so sorry for the late reply. It's been what 2-3 months? T_T I hope you'll forgive me. But here's your vid.xD Yes, I'm aware that there's another sasuhina vid with t
.:*SasuHina*:. "She's No You"
Finally..I uploaded an amv.XD One down 10 or more requests/dedications to go lol. This one took me quite a while..maybe for the fact that my video maker kept on freezing up =p..Anyways, this one's for
*[SasuHina]* Simple and Clean
A Sasuke and Hinata Vid. So far i think this is my favourite SasuHina video, i hope you will like it!
Sasuhina - Posion
a request Rate and Comment! Source: All clips are icons found on
song was recorded bad quality.................Sasuke and Hinata was my fav Naruto couple
*SasuHina* "If We Were a Movie"
I'm sorry for the long hiatus, but now I'm back, and ready to take on all requests.xD This vid is dedicated to Suki and Alex. I'm sorry you guys.T_T I know your birthdays were like a long time ago.
Love is Dead - SasuHina
Sasuke and Hinata Tribute Great Couple, no? Song: Love is Dead Artist: Kerli
This is not traditional couple, cuz ppl prefere to se NaruHina and SasuSaku couples. I think they lokks g8 togrther, because they both are lonely and theirs love would be very sweet gentle fair. It wo
SasuHina-Sk8er Boi
Hey guys! This was my first vid, but then I took it off and reedited it! What do you think? BTW, none of the artwork is mine! This vid is also anti-SasuSaku. SasuHina ROX!
sasuhina - umbrella
This was made out of bordom so if you don't like the couple don't watch it ok.The song is umbrella remix by Rihanna ft. Chris Brown and I didn't draw any of the pics.
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