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Sakura Can Get Used to Lee (SakuLee Amv)
Wooo! My 10th AMV! 8th if you don't count slideshows. This is a Sakura x Rock Lee AMV that isnt really at Sakura or Lee's perspective, it's just kind of about the pairing in general. The song descri
SakuLee and NaruHina ~ Story of a Girl
YAY my two favorite Naruto couples combined in one video!! I made this a while ago, and I just wanted to upload it =P I love this song. Part of the reason why I made it is because a LOT of people thin
SakuLee - Our Song
I'm a minor fan of SakuLee and I wanted to make a video of Sakura, so I decided Lee would go well with her and this song. Song: Our Song Artist: Taylor Swift Characters: Sakura and Lee Anime: Na
Where did you go, Lee? (SakuLee)
A SakuraXRock Lee Fan Art Video. I love these two together!!!
Crazy For this girl...SAKULEE
Love Love Shine SAKULEE!!
YATTA!!! I AM THE FIRST EVA TO POST A SAKULEE VIDEO USING THE SONG "love love Shine!!" XD XD I SO HAPPY!! ^_^ Lee and sakura are perfect for eachother!! ------------------------------- song: "Love
Sakulee-Beautifull Soul
This I Made Today And Please Rate ASnd Comeent I Worked Hard!
SakuLee Lollipop
A sakuLee tribute for my friend Mitsuki, who loves that couple, any ways song - lollipop (Candyman) artist - Aqua
Love is a Battlefield [SasuIno,SakuLee]
Warnings: None I still love SakuLee, so I wanted to make a slideshow with it. This is hn
sakulee orihime uryuu - geeks get the girls
this is a slideshow of the 2 couples that i like where the geek gets the girl lol enjoy my Sakura Rock Lee, Orihime Uruyuu Video FANMADE!!
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