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Sasuke vs Gaara
Mr.Tough Guy vs Sand Man?.. Oh no... Just Sasuke vs Gaara! Fight in the Chuunin Exam i Believe. Watch and Enjoy. Pandaboy Productions.
WHAT MORE TO SAY? XD P.S. This is not my AMV a guy named "Xcite" made it
Naruto American Idol (Made by FXfan 13)
Twitch Twitch Honors Twitch* #44 - Most Discussed (All Time) - Film & Animation #69 - Top Favorites (All Time) - Film & Animation #42 - Most Discussed (All Time) - Film & Animation #70
Temari VS Sasuke
Temari VS Sasuke
Sasuke & Sakura - Here without you
My First AMV, please rate and comment. Song - Here without you Artist - 3 Doors Down
Sasuke vs Orochimaru
This is the fight scene between Sasuke and Orochimaru in the Forest of Death (ep. 30), uncut and uninterrupted. Best if watched in the smaller view because it makes the quality so much better. Brought
Sasuke and Sakura - Future?
I made this vid in a few hours so it might not be that good... The only reason I made this one was because I didn't get the chance to use some pics that I wanted to and I just had to use them for some
Sakura & Sasuke Tribute
The song is called Inner Universe, By Yoko Kanno Sakura & Sasuke Tribute
Naruto vs. Sasuke
I did not create this Anime. Trademark does not belong to me. This is an AMV of naruto vs sasuke The song is Hell by Disturbed Please leave comments and opinions wether bad or good! I would very
Naruto AMV - Pride to Shame Sasuke, All to Blame
Anime Expo Finalist - ALL TO BLAME Naruto AMV - All about Naruto and Sasuke. If you enjoy Naruto, and you like Anime Music Videos, you'll love this one. YES! I made this. If you need proof, look
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