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robotech theme song~
Robotech Opening
Robotech Opening Video
Robotech Final Space Battle
This is the final space battle for the SDF-1 in the Robotech Macross series between two great fleets. On one side is Dolza's Zentradi battle fleet that has destroyed Earth. On the other side is Breeta
Robotech Genesis - Trailer de esta Nueva Pelicula
Se trata de una movie casera que están haciendo un grupo de fan de robotech que es la Robotech genesis movie.Visitar el canal de "RobotechGenesis" o la pagina:
Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles - Trailer
DVD trailer of the latest continuation of the Robotech saga. SYNOPSIS: In the year 2044 AD, the human race has reached out to the stars through the miracle of ROBOTECHNOLOGY, but not without bringi
Robotech Macross fighting video
Video from Macross Zero
ROBOTECH - Aces High
Song: Aces High Artist: Iron Maiden Anime: ROBOTECH (Macross Saga) Robotech + Iron Maiden = Kick Ass AMV A video I found floating on the net that I thought deserved a place on YouTube. Enjoy.
Robotech Dogfight
Robotech dogfight between Max and Miria - edited for maximum action - from the origional Robotech Saga circa 1985 - check out my other film 'Sipo and the Baboons'
Robotech: The Untold Story
Rare video that I found.
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