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Dual festival Marco Remus vs Sven Wittekind
11-10-06-Sala Campus Badalona MARCO REMUS vs SVEN WITTEKIND dj Anghera & A Profesor dj_Lucas. VIDEO BY [email protected]
Remus Lupin
A Lupin-video to Imogen Heaps song Glittering Cloud. I'm in love with Lupin, and I'm in love with the song, and since I think they go pretty well together I thought I should try to do a video. Clips f
Dream On (Remus/Tonks)
SPOILERS FOR DEATHLY HALLOWS ..... So, for my last hurrah with the trial version of SonyVegas, I decided to make a tribute to Remus and Tonks, because they are two of my absolute favorites. I tr
Snape, Lucius, Remus and Sirius are Bringin Sexy Back!
Nothing but sexy clips of Snape, Lucius, Remus and Sirius... need I say more? This video was made for and is dedicated to my mid shift girls (Michelle, Dottie, Courtney, Jenn and Patti) who are alm
Uncle Remus!
Old video clip...uncle remus, disney...
Remus and Tonks- SPOILER
anothre R/T video, because i've read DH and it made me cry. it's a way for me to say goodbye. i was walking at Monday right after i finished reading DH, and the chorus of Eternity: "You wer
Umek, Marco Remus & Charles Siegling @ I love techno
i love techno 2003
Collide (Remus/Tonks)
DISCLAIMER: As always, I must reinforce that I OWN NOTHING, AND MAKE NO MONEY OFF OF THIS. All video clips are property of their respective video owners, and the song is property of Howie Day. A tr
Frank Zappa - Uncle Remus (apostrophe)
Frank Zappa's song Uncle Remus from the album apostrophe.
Remus Lupin Haunted
A video about Remus Lupin(!NOT SLASH) Ever since he was a child, he's been haunted by his transformations.He has nightmares about the night he was bitten. At first he felt pity for the werewolf that b
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