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POKEMON THEME SONG...VISUALIZED,really funny..dont forget to rate.
pokemon parody
i found this video but this may be the funniest thing you will ever see
real pokemon
thanks alot to for the pics its a few realistic pokemon with blues music and if you dont like the music dont comment about you not liking it weeeeeeeeeeeeeeew i got over 150 000views THA
Real Life Pokemon Battle
Pokemon Battle....IN REAL LIFE. Very Funny
Pokemon Wall Hack
just messin around with pokemon
Pokemon Yellow Mew
It works with yellow apperantely
Smosh - There Will Be Pokemon
READ: If you haven't seen "There Will Be Blood", watch this first: Watch this video in higher quality & download video at http://smosh
Pokemon Duel
This is Pokemon Duel. Trainer BIM has set out on an adventure to become the worlds greatist Pokemon Master
Pokemon Fire Red: Me vs. Lance
Its a Pokemon Battle between me & The Dragon Master, Lance. As you see I have 3 Kanto Pkmn, 2 Johto Pkmn & 1 Hoenn Pkmn. Hoenn - Gardevoir Johto - Umbreon, Bellossom Kanto - Nidoking,
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