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Ouran High School Opening
Ouran High school Opening song
Ouran Host Club - Dirty Little Secret ( Hikaru x Kaoru )
Centers around Hikaru and Kaoru's relationship, for fun. Not meant to be taken seriously. This would be my first attempt with Sony Vegas, I think it came out pretty well. http://www.animemusicvid
Ouran Host Club: PROMISE
This amv is dedicated to one of my best friends, Amanda S.!! ^_____^ featuring Ouran High School Host Club, and Eve 6's "Promise". Comment, vote, and enjoy! ***THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS
Ouran Host Club Waka Laka
another hilarious AMV using ouran host club anime and full version of waka laka enjoy and please comment and rate pretty please? ^_^ NOW DOWNLOADABLE =D
Death Note - Ouran Style!
I was inspired by the English Death Note trailer and Kagaya Chou's AMV! At first, I wasn't sure if I should have Light as Tamaki or not, since they both had the same japanese voice actors. But then I
Ouran High School Host Club - "Sakura Kiss" ENGLISH
I'm sorry that I had to repost this, especially since over 100 of you guys had already posted comments. ;-; I noticed that the volume of the main vocals was a little low, so I just upped the volume a
Ouran High School Host Club - Witch Doctor AMV
Ouran High School Host Club! Gaah, my computer was going nuts when I did this AMV. Hikaru & Kaoru forever! xD Tamaki and his silly moments rlz! Yeah. Enjoy!! Download a better version of this
Ouran High School Host Club capitulo 1 1/3 (sub spanish)
Comenzando Por Hoy Eres un AnfitriĆ³n
Ouran High School Host Club Opening (Textless)
Textless opening clip of Ouran High School Host Club for all those who are looking for the vid go to look for multimedia and download it there
Ouran High School Host Club- Bad Boy ( subless )
Well, sorta subless. There is one part when you see when Tamaki calls Haruhi an idiot. For the rest, no subs ( yeah! ). My first Ouran Highschool amv X3 and its a tribute to my favorite couple; Tamaki
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