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Super Dimension Century Orguss Opening Theme (Full Length)
Casey Rankin - Hyoryu Skyhurricane (Drifting Skyhurricane) Ending
Super Dimension Century Orguss Ending Theme (Full Length)
Casey Rankin - Kokoro wa Gypsy (The Heart is Gypsy) Opening
Orguss 02(超時空世紀オーガス02 )Alternative Opening Music + Original
From Orguss 02 (超時空世紀オーガス02 ), here´s the original opening and an alternative opening music. When I saw this title, I selected the Spanish Track. But when I selected the Japa
Transformers Golion and Orguss
Starting credits for transforming robots
Super Dimension Century Orguss: Toy Commercial
From: Super Dimension Century Orgusss had everything that you could ask for in an early 80s anime show — an intricate science fiction plotline, hot looking mecha, compell
Orguss 02 intro (english subs)
a favourite intro of mine, especially the music. Reminds me of that opera scene from Luc Bessons "Fifth Element" Apologies for the bad quality, its from an old VHS.
Disposable Heroes-orguss 02
here is one of my old amv's.Not for sale or rent. Original credits belong to their original owners. this is fan-made!
Here I go Again
Whitesnake's Here I Go Again put to some clips of Super Dimensional Century Orguss
Noboru Ishiguro highlights for AWA 2007
This is a small piece I made for the opening ceremony of Anime Weekend Atlanta (Sep. 21-24, 2007) to introduce the Guest of Honor, Mr. Noboru Ishiguro. Mr. Ishiguro directed or was involved in produc
The Roboblog Chronicles Episode 20
In which Jonathan screws up a viewer's name, talks about the ImaginAsian release of Super Dimension Century Orguss, and muddles through the possibility of seeing Nova and Marie in the next Robotech an
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