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Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse (Live at Reggae Sunsplash 1983)
Gregory Isaacs with Roots Radics singing Night Nurse live at Reggae Sunsplash 1983 in Montego Bay, Jamaica
Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse
Song: Night Nurse Artist: Gregory Isaacs Year: 1982 LP/CD: Night Nurse Composers: Gregory Isaacs, Sylvester Weise
Milkshake- Goodnight Nurse
Goodnight Nurse version of Milkshake
Naughty Nurse Nova Collab
Thanks to LisaNova for all the great collab videos she made. We had a lot of fun. Lisa's Channel: And her Website:
Nurse Scientists
Nurses who have become scientists, and are studying such topics as genetics, violence against women, cancer prevention, and pain management.
Eileen's Nurse Outfit
So this came from Valtiel's Silent Hill site, which thankfully has listed that info at the end of the clip or I surely would have forgotten! Anyways, I'm glad it's much higher quality than my recordin
Goodnight Nurse - Milkshake
Goodnight Nurse's remix of Milkshake.
The Dark Knight- Nurse Joker and Two Face Scene HD
Well,this is no fake at all, trust me, i have the pirate DVD so thats why you see a silouette a couple of times, sorry about that. I give NO credit to the footage shown, nor the music.
Goodnight Nurse - The Night
Goodnight Nurse - The Night - Music Video. Directed by Jonathan Gerard
Goodnight Nurse - Milkshake
heres a clip i created of GOODNIGHT NURSE's song milkshake! includes manyyy pictures of the band. AND MILKSHAKES XD haha please enjoy. comment &. RATEx
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