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Neji Tribute amv
This is a Neji tribute I found a while back, and it's still probably the best I've seen
Neji Vs Kidoumaru
Neji fights Kidoumaru for the first time.....and last
Neji Death
Neji last battle
Neji's Dance
This is SO funny!! Once again it isnt my video b uh i LOVE IT!!! If U love Neji then watch this!!
Neji vs Sasuke !!!
A good fight between Hyuuga Neji and Uchiha Sasuke. Music : Ice Queen - Within T emptation
A Neji Tribute: Behind Those Eyes
This is mostly a Neji Tribute BUT There is Neji x Tenten hints. I couldn't help it XP The song is "Behind Those Eyes," by Three Doors Down. Agh, I couldn't think of another song that would fit Neji x
Naruto x Hinata,Sasuke x Sakura,Neji x TenTen
A AMV about the pairs in Naruto
Naruto Soundtrack - Hinata vs. Neji
Naruto Soundtrack - Hinata vs. Neji
Neji Tenten - Everywhere
Here's another Neji Tenten AMV! I don't think it came out as good as the others but anyways, hope you enjoy! ^^
Sunny Neji _Oruka
Nigeria Music Video
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