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Tsunade x Naruto - Breakaway
Make a Wish Take a Chance Make a Change..and BREAKAWAY I'm Italian xD a Tsunade and Naruto Tribute...My Colpe ^//^
Naruto x Tsunade [Better Than Drugs]
Well I guess the song is a pun to Tsunade.... Listen to the lyrics , it'll explain it all. anyways the images were found on Photobucket. The song is Better Than Drugs by Skillet.
Shy - Jiraiya x Tsunade
They are not the perfect couple, but they fit for each other, they were based on married characters, anyway ^^ I personally think it's the best Naruto couple, since the other are usually fandoom's cre
Naruto - Narutimate Accel - Deidara (me) X Tsunade (Yuri)
YAAAAAAH, ....Deidara's power
εïз Jiraiya [X] Tsunade - | Everywhere To Me | εïз
Nothing special^^ but call me a Fangirl, i love this Pairing x3 and i think, this pairing got a chance to survive in the Anime ^^ nya, back to the topic: have fun with it
Team 7's Dirty Little Secrets
This vid is about the hidden lives of the kids in team 7. It has Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto paired with the randomest people :P. YAOI WARNING!! This vid is supposed to be FUNNY, so if you find any of t
Naruto couples
it is a video on the different couples that there are in naruto's anime or manga ^^ couples: Kiba x Hinata Neji x Tenten Sakura x Gaara Naruto x tsunade Naruto x Sakura Shikamaru x Temari Hi
Yuriness - Naruto
WARNING! CONTAINS YURI/GIRL ON GIRL CONTENT! DO NOT WATCH IF YOU DON'T DIG IT! Finally! I've been saying I'm gonna make this for months now, so it's about time I got to it. Since I used my grandpar
Naruto X Tsunade
Naruto couples ~*Love comes*~
My first AMV with Windows Movie Maker, hope you enjoy!!!^^ The Couples (in order): Neji x TenTen = NejiTen Kiba x Hinata = KibaHina Shikamaru x Ino = ShikaIno Shikamaru x Temari = ShikaTema
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