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NaruHina - Cascada
Okay this is my first AMV. Hopefully, I was able to fix the quality on it so that it will be a lot more pleasant to view. Please Comment and rate. I hope you like it. Episode list 0:43 - 0:45 ep
NaruHina: Here In Your Arms
This is my first offical Slideshow. The anime is Naruto, featuring Naruto and Hinata and the song is Here in your Arms by: Hellogoodbye.This took me a while to make but I eventually got the hang of us
NaruHina slideshow!
NaruHina slideshow!
Naruhina - Once In A Blue Moon
Firstly, don't kill me! There are subtitles on the clips... Once I eventually find raw clips then I will make a raw version as well... Until then, there's this! If you don't like spoilers, then don't
NaruHina Doujin -Plus 2 Extra endings-
Not a yaoi thank you very much! :D Yeah I let this NaruHina one slide because I thought it was very funny and dramatic! P.s:There seems to be a glitch on one of the pictures. I don't know why but
Te quiero - NaruHina
Esta es la primera vez que intento hacer un video como estos, me costo trabajo. No digo que sea lo mejor del mundo pero tampoco creo que sea malo, es una buena primera vez Es la cancion de te quiero
NaruHina My Imorrial
Watch This all The Way to The end, because the ending is so0o0o0o0o0o0 cute! I love NaruHina!
NaruHina #32 That's How It Was, Heroine, Defense.
Hinamanga Volumes (NaruHina Comics) Naruto + hinata NaruHina #32 No. 14: "So That's How It Was" NaruHina #32 Omake: "I'm the HEROINE, after all" NaruHina #32 Omake: "Absolute Defense"
NaruHina - First Kiss
A request from Kunoichciintraining. A NaruHina AMV to Mandy Moore's "First kiss" Hope u like ^^ Please rate and comment!!! #98 - Top Rated (All Time) - Film & Animation THIS AMV IS IN NO
Baby Look At Us NaruHina
Naruto + Hinata Baby Look At Us Dedicated to Everyone one of my friends who love NaruHina Add me as your friends pleaz! THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL A
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