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PBR: Mowse vs. Jhoxn 1/3
So the other day, my friend John came over to try out the DS battle feature of Pokemon Battle Revolution with me. We got our teams ready and did an all-out, 6-Pokemon battle. We had 3 rounds, and t
PBR Wi-fi: Mowse Vs. Kouta
Here's a Pokemon Battle Revolution wi-fi match I decided I would record. It seemed like he'd be a decent challenge. =3 He was! Too bad I'll probably never see him again. His name translates to Kout
PBR: Mowse vs. Jhoxn 3/3
I know what you're all thinking... "FINALLY" At least my subscribers must be thinking that. We tried a double battle for the sake of doing it. By the way, I know my team is a little silly
PBR: Mowse vs. Jhoxn 2/3
Round 2! (And some of you thought it would never come!) John's Vaporeon is.. annoying... Anyway, the music requested by John was "Darkness of the Unknown" from Kingdom Hearts 2.
Mowse Poleese
A short poop based off "Mouse Police"
Mowse the Asteroid Gags
Mowse in da Howse
Pretty much just me following Julian around the house laughing hysterically as he tries to find this mouse which may or may not be in it.
Mowse The infinity gags
little white moWse
Dadson Blade Baits
My Montage 3/28/08
Me Nd Mowse
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