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[PV]Cocco - Mizu Kagami
Cocco - Mizu Kagami Imo her best song. I've got more PV's of her (if not all). Just ask, and I'll upload them when I get the time...
Mizu Natsuki
Tanaka Rie - Lacus Clyne : Mizu No Akashi
Mizu no Akashi
Song: Mizu no Akashi Video Clips of Lacus
Yumi Nakashima - Amai Mizu
Amai Mizu by Yumi Nakashima PV
Mizu no Akashi Slideshow
A lacus clyne slideshow for my channel Rie Tanaka Mizu no akashi Anime-gundam seed destiny
Gundam SEED: Mizu no Akashi
A video on Kira and Athrun... Friendship eventually turns into hatred... Because of killing one another's friends... The song is Mizu no Akashi sung by Tanaka Rie... ^_^ Enjoy it everyone ^_^
Art-School - Mizu no naka no knife (knife in the water)
Great live. Great band. What I would not give to see them live.
Aquatic Language (Mizu no Kotoba)
Mizu no Madoromi
This was out of boredom, and love for this song. Eh...not really much to say.
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