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michael jackson man in the miror
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Pokemon Colosseum: Episode 30: Cipher Admin Miror. B
The showdown between Miror B. and Charles. Battling thier way to the cave, all of Charles and Rui's work ends with the defeat of Miror B., and the next part of their adventure begins.
Miror B. Battle: Pokemon Colloseum
My trainer, Lumi, up against my favorite Cipher admin, Mirror B. I tried to use lower leveled pokemon at first so the battle wouldn't be all... one-sided. Enjoy!
Cipher Admin Miror B.
Mp3 Cipher Admin Miror B. Battle Pokemon Colosseum
Pokemon Colosseum: Episode 22: Miror B.'s Trap
Soon after battling the second croonie, Miror B. appears and spills his plan, as per typical evil people. So, Charles and Rui prepare to enter the cave on top of Pyrite Town
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Pokemon XD: Miror B Battle at Realgam
For those who enjoy the Miror B Theme from Pokemon XD, here is yet another battle. Pardon the actual pauses in choosing commands in the video, but the capturing i was using was realtime and there was
Miror B. Returns: Pokemon X.D.
Here it is! I even included the before and after cut-scenes. If you listen closely, you'll notice that the music that plays when he appears in a remix of his old theme. Wow, I seem to have hax luck
Miror B theme VS Giacamo theme
1 Miror B retro dance 00:00 min 2 Giacamo chaotic dance 02:56 min 3 Miror B XD theme 05:10 min rate it by giving a comment Copyright (c) nintendo and namco 2003 - 2005
pokemon xd miror b battle 2
pokemon xd miror b battle 2 ok dance
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