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Opening Mikami Latino
Latin Spanish Opening of GS Mikami
Eliminate! Mikami Teru Gone Mad
[ high quality ] A clip from Death Note episode 36, where Teru Mikami attempts to kill N (Nate River). Here, he looks quite funny and insane!!
Caza Fantasmas Mikami Episodio 9(1/2)
Soutaikei - Chisako Mikami
Soutaikei - Chisako Mikami
Mikami Kan
Recorded live at Super Deluxe, Roppongi on April 28th, 2005.
Caza Fantasmas Mikami Episodio 1(1/2)
Aqui Llega Una Bella Exorcista
Kami Mikami
Once again... SPOILERS An AMV for Mikami... though there is a lot of Light because, well he is after all Mikami's God. In my last AMV, the clips had meaning and stuff is what I THOUGHT the lyri
「Yume Wa Yoru HiraKu」 Kan Mikami(Only music)
「夢は夜ひらく」 三上 寛 '50年3月20日に青森県北津軽郡小泊村で誕生。 高校生時代から、GSのコピー・バンドを結成し音楽のとりこ�
三上寛 Mikami Kan 2008.03.07
Live @ ICHOU HALL (八王子市芸術文化会館) on Friday March 7, 2008. 三上寛 (Kan Mikami) was born in 1950, one of the best Japanese folk musicians.
Ghost Sweeper Mikami / GS美神 [PCE]
ゴーストスイーパー美神 / Ghost Sweeper Mikami [ PC Engine (SUPER CD-ROM2) / TurboGrafx-16 ] {1994 Banpresto} OP~序盤プレイ ※尺の都合でカットしましたが、本来�
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