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Macross intro
the orignal intro to the orignal macross series
Movie : MACROSS 20th Annyversary Music : Last letter (Japanese H-game North Wind -Snowdrop Ver- )
Macross VF-X 2 Intro
This is the intro to the PS1 game Macross VF-X 2.
Macross F ( マクロスF ) OP - 「Triangular」
OP of Macross Frontier (マクロスF) More here: copyright: Satelight
Macross F Triangler Maaya Sakamoto PV 「トライアングラー」坂本真綾 マクロスF
Video clip of the new Macross F opening by Maaya Sakamoto (full version) Music by Yoko Kanno Visit #[email protected]
Macross (Playstation)
A side-way shooting game with new CG cutscence and great final concert ending song. Macross games always fun and I usually play and record all of them cus they are so classic
Macross, a 20 Year History
Pre-Macross Zero documentary of the history of the Macross timelines. This should help people confused about Macross. Also the Original Macross tv series was the basis for the frist 36 episodes of Ame
Macross Frontier op
Macross Frontier op, 2008
Macross Plus (information High)
Macross ROX
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