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1984 Apple's Macintosh Commercial
This was the commercial that introduced the Apple Macintosh Computer to the world.
Steve Jobs demos Apple Macintosh, 1984
Demo of the first Apple Macintosh by Steve Jobs, January 1984, in front of 3000 people. Andy Hertzfeld captured the moment quite well in his retelling: "Pandemonium reigns as the demo completes. Steve
A three minute rant of a Mac-user who has been driven completely insane by his OS. Poor guy....NOT.
Macintosh Developers Video
Macintosh Developers Video from introduction movie
Apple Shareholder Meeting 1984-The First Macintosh
Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the first ever Macintosh on January 24, 1984 to a packed house & thunderous applause. Towards the end of the video, Steve is so happy he looks as if he almost cr
Steve Jobs showcases Macintosh 24-JAN-1984
Jobs setups up computer and turns it on to show the ease of setup, demostrate the speed, and "insanely great" display. Specs: - $2,495 - Introduces the 32-bit 68000 CPU - Memory: 192k - ROM 6
Apple Macintosh Performa - 1994 Commercial
This is a commercial for Apple Macintosh's New Performa Home Desktop Computer
ModBook Macintosh
Looking at the ModBook from Other World Computing
Welcome to Macintosh - Trailer
Here is the trailer for the upcoming feature length documentary film titled "Welcome to Macintosh." Enjoy!
Apple - 1984
Apple 1984
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