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Dumbass Luigi
Funny video about Luigi!!! Have fun, Egon ;-)
Luigi the Ghostbuster
Music video from the Gamecube game called Luigi's Mansion. Inspired from Ghostbusters. Made by me. If you wish to download the movie, go to the link below.
The Luigi Story
The real story behind the infamous underdog plumber and everybody's favorite player two. Best Short Film Winner at the 2006 GenCon Film Festival.
Mama Luigi
Luigi is telling yoshi a story of how he found yoshi. Oh and if you want more videos or the SMBs just tell me and I'll load them up here. ::EDIT:: Okay! hey there everybody, since everybody loves
Mario vs. Luigi
The Plumbers' battle it out in MUGEN! Which plumber will remain standing? (Warning: Inaccuarate ending.)
スーパールイージブラザーズ / Super Luigi Bros.
兄のあとを追いかけるルイージ。 Luigi is running after Mario. Translated by Excite translation service (
Super Mario Galaxy - Luigi Stuff
Super Mario Galaxy. Luigi doing stuff. Bleh!
Mario and Luigi-Poor, poor, poor Luigi
This collection of 3 avis from Mario and luigi: Supersatr Saga sees Luigi having a really bad day. Bascially, his brother gets sick, he gets the bejesus sacred out of him, and he comes back with no r
Luigis mansion
ummmmmm its luigi's turn to shine or whatever
Youtube Poop: Mama Luigi Visits a Soapland
My most elaborate and lengthy video in quite a while. All is not as it seems with this one... No, it's not a trap. At least, most people wouldn't consider it a trap. I don't. Credits are shown in m
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