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pokemon xd lovrina battle 2
pokemon xd lovrina battle 2 ok its time to win
Cipher Admin Lovrina: Pokemon X.D.
Well, I thought I'd make a sequel to my old movie and post a battle with Miror B. in Gale of Darkness, but on my way I thought I'd record my battle with Lovrina too. All Pokemon nicknames are broug
Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness - Againts Lovrina, second fight
It's been a while since I posted afavourite RPG fight. So I decided to record the second fight againts Lovrina. Before you ask why I only post Lovrina battle is because, yes, I do like anime/game girl
Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness - Againts Lovrina
My team: Shadow Ledyba Lv 10 Teddiursa lv 20 Shadow Gulpin Level 17 Flaafy level 19 Vaporeon level 20 Houndour level 19
pokemon xd boss battle lovrina
pokemon xd boss battle lovrina time to fight
Pokemon XD - Orre Colloseum Walkthrough Part 2 "LOVRINA"
Lovrina Round Part 2.
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Vs Lovrina(2nd)
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Naoko (kawasumi) Vs Lovrina at Citedark(2ND encounter). Ps: My brother doing stupid songs. xD
Pokemon XD lovrina Part1
It took me awhile from trying to catch the pokemon.
Orre Colloseum Batalla con Lovrina
Batalla realizada en el Pokemon xD en Orre Colloseum y luchada con Lovrina la primera de los 7 jefes. La lider de mi equipo es LA GORDA, la destructora, xD.
Pokémon XD Mono Psychic: Lovrina (1) [CANCELLED]
Yup, I'm doing another mono challenge [NOT ANYMORE], but on Pokémon XD. I need something to record ;P Now at this point I only had two Pokémon that I could use but they were both quite dependable
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