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Steve Jobs Macworld 2008 Keynote in 60 Seconds
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Identity 2.0 Keynote
Watch Dick deliver a compelling and dynamic introduction on Identity 2.0 and how the concept of digital identity is evolving.
Steve Jobs WWDC Keynote (in 60 Seconds)
Don't bother watching the 107 minute version of today's Steve Jobs WWDC Keynote: instead, watch our 60 second version. For more, go to: Story links:
Google I/O '08 Keynote: Client, Connectivity, and the Cloud
Keynote for Google I/O 2008: Client, Connectivity, and the Cloud Featuring Vic Gundotra, Allen Hurff (MySpace), Steve Horowitz, Kevin Gibbs, Mark Lucovsky, Bruce Johnson, David Glazer, Nat Brown (i
Apple Keynote Bloopers!!
Apple CEO Steve Jobs shows off Apple products, but some went wrong, & fluffing his speeches!
1983 Apple Keynote-The "1984" Ad Introduction
Here we see Steve Jobs at a keynote in 1983 showing for the first time ever the famous "1984" ad by Ridley Scott to an exclusive audience. The ad was shown on tv shortly after that only once during th
WWDC 2008 Steve Jobs Keynote - iPhone 3G
Steve Jobs unveils the long awaited Apple iPhone 3G at WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2008 in San Francisco. This version has 3G wireless speed in comparison to its predecessor's slower EDGE
Keynote - Bill Gates' Last Day - January 6, 2008
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ACTV: Hidden Details from the iPhone Keynote
Four things about the iPhone that you probably overlooked from Steve Job's MacWorld keynote. They include what the calendar application looks like, how you'll view traffic in Google Maps, another way
Barack Obama 2004 DNC Speech Part 1
Part 1 of Barack Obama's keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Part 2 is under video responses.
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