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Kakashi Hatake- last resort
This is a tribute to my favourite naruto guy Hatake Kakashi:D i hope you like it:)
kakashi mascara
capitulo de kakashi en el que intentan naruto, sasuke y sakura descubrir lo q tiene debajo kakashi de la mascara
A Kakashi amv!^^
A Kakashi Tribute
A tribute to my favorite naruto guy. Stop pming me about this video, no I won't send you pictures. They're all on photobucket. The pictures of Kakashi without his mask are fanarts. If you pay atten
Can't Touch Kakashi
Peter Griffin's "Can't Touch Me" done with Kakashi ((i found this on
orochimaru vs kakashi
orochimaru vs kakashi musique is (orochimaru theme)
How to draw kakashi
hey actually i think this one came out pretty decent! testing out my new drawing pencils (sweetness!!! XD ) anyway, i thought i would make both songs naruto themes, so enjoy!
Rimi Natsukawa さだまさし コブクロ KaKaShi
Rimi Natsukawa $ masashi sada $ kobukuro sing kakashi
Naruto All Stars: Kakashi - R*O*C*K*S
Kakashi (Kazuhiko Inoue) singing the first Naruto opening from the Naruto cd, Naruto All Stars.
Kakashi Gaiden (1/6)
ALWAYS READ THE DESCRIPTION! Since this has been a big hit on youtube, I have also uploaded this to which has better quality. These are six action packed manga chapters that tell Kakashi's
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